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This fanlisting was last updated on November 28, 2016.

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January 25th 2015 - Just to inform that this fanlisting is no longer listed at TheFanlistings, as once again the rules have not been followed and the site has not been updated in over two months. I had the email and I did update the "last updated" but decided not to reply to the email from TheFanlistings. I do feel that the age of Fanlistings has moved on with the development of social media sites such as Facebook, this sub site will remain.
May 2012 - Further to my last entry the Fanlist once more finds itself in the "Troubles" section at TheFanlistings. Again with no new members to add and no updates I have had to log in and ensure that the last update is within two months. TheFanlistings do have a policy of 3 strikes and your out so it is very probable that within the next few months this will happen. Rest assured that if it does this site will still be around. (it was last updated 9th March 2012, reported as on "Trouble" list 13th May 2012)
January 2012 - It has been a good few months since the last member joined; not surprising with a show that ended 19 years ago. To ensure we comply with the rules of TheFanlistings the site needs to be updated every two months, with no new members or members requesting to change details this come sometimes get forgotten about which leads to an email informing me the Fanlist is on the "Troubles" section. Needless to say the site is still very much active.
January 14th - Have added a list of all the episodes of the series, will eventually build this into an episode guide.
November 25th - I have been going through the old members list and removing those members who have already been transfered over to the new member system and also anyone without an email address or site that cannot be viewed.
March - Adopted the fanlisting with close to 90 members once I transferred members with email addresses the listing had just over 50 members. I will be looking to contact these lost members and see if we canít get member numbers back up. At the moment I am in the process of changing the layout so I please forgive any mess. If I could ask the members who have already be added/transferred to make sure that they have changed there links to point to this site, I will leave it a few weeks before I begin code checks.

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